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We create opportunities. We love what we do. We are young and ambitious group of people, we focus on project needs and supply full service location-wise. Our goal is aproffessional approach to every project. From a small crew indie shoot to aall-inclusive high profile production – we don’t only provide location, we deliver everything – proper scouting, planning, location facilities, legal affairs, supplies, transport – you name it!


You give us your script, your treatment, your idea, your reference or just a description of what you're looking for. We give you options.


Everything for your crew and your talent to feel comfortable and ready on set. We don't only provide what you ask, we are here to suggest and advice as well!


If you shoot on our location we make sure all is clear and checked. We are not only talking location contracts and permissions. We'll do ALL the paperwork.


We make sure you know how much your location costs. We give preliminary budgets, actuals and cost raports. We always advice on any location related budget questions.

Location/production management

We'll do location managing, we'll do unit management. We can also do production management!


We'll get you passenger vans and buses, cargo vans and trucks. And we can coordinate it! We can handle international cargo as well!

Unit service arranging

Your crew and your talent will feel comfortable on our locations! Tents, tables, benches, desks, star trailers, toilets, costume and make up - we can do all of it!

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