who we are

Fuelled by passion & curiosity

We were born ambitious and we work hard to make sure every day counts. Our people are passionate, respectful and believe in excellence. Talented individuals who share our core values are more than welcome. We are just proud.

work we do

Proudly. Every. Single. Day

Our work is a representation of talent, collaboration and culture inside our office. We invest in our employees to help them flourish and bring them to a new level, far above the ordinary.

our team

Talented, funny and awesome
Jonas ŠpokasCEO | Supervising Location Manager
Aivaras ŠidlaLocation Manager | Scout
Vilius KalaušisLocation Manager | Scout
Andrius GecevičiusLocation Manager | Scout
Viktorija VaičiūtėLocation Manager | Scout
Monika DaukšaitėLocation Manager | Scout
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